A Guide for Building Linked Citations, Unstructured for Local SEO


Link Intersect The concept of fishing for opportunities

Let’s say we’re a guest at an innkeeper at a tiny Albuquerque B&B -at -for the purposes of this guide. Let’s suppose that the proprietor of the inn would like to learn more about how large Tribal resorts are receiving publicity and links to discover opportunities for a smaller hotel business. These aren’t necessarily competitors in direct terms, but they share a city and a business.

For this to do this, we’ll utilize Moz’s Link Intersect to help Bottger Mansion. Bottger could make use of this tool to discover links and unstructured opportunities. It is all dependent on how the tool is used. For instance, be used to surface:

  • Bottger is not a website with hyperlinks that are direct or close-direct competitors.
  • Bottger’s local link, from pages or domains
  • Links to relevant pages and domains that are relevant to hotels

First Step: Find”the big fish” “big Fish”.

Some customers may recognize the names of “big fish” within their community. You can also look up the most popular events and find out which companies are the sponsors. Sponsorships can cost a lot according to the occasion. If local businesses sponsor an event that is large it’s a sign that the company has funds to create a unique PR. Smaller businesses may take a look at larger companies as models.

We are aware that Bottger is located in Albuquerque therefore we decided to look for sponsorship for Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Albuquerque International Balloon Festa. We spotted two extravagant Albuquerque resort-casinos: Isleta as well as Sandia. These are the “big fish” which we recommend our customers to visit for an inspiration.

Step 2: Enter domains into Link Intersect

The goal is to compare the domains of Bottger with Isleta’s as well as Sandias. Navigate to “Link Explorer” within Moz Pro after which click “Link Intersect” from the left navigation. As shown below, type in your domain’s name at the top, and the domains you want to extract links from in the fields below.

We’ve picked Bottgers Domain to be our main domain. This will show all competitors’ sites that haven’t yet connected to us. We’ll also choose “rootdomain” for resort domains in order to view all their backlinks, not just the pages they have on.

Moz’s Link Intersect will allow you to assess your site’s performance in comparison to up to five rivals. You can analyze any number of sites you’d like. It is possible to prefer to start with a single domain if you are just beginning to learn about link building. This will provide you with numerous opportunities to build links. It may be possible to include more domains if already involved in link building.

Step 3 Find links

After entering your domain as well as other domains belonging to your competition Click “Find opportunities.” This will create an inventory of websites that link to your competitors, but not to you.

This example shows how our client’s domain is compared with two domains: A (Isleta) as well as B (Sandia). It is possible to see on the “Sites that cross” column if Site A is linked but Site B doesn’t or if both are linked to each other.

Step 4: Link selection

We have now an idea of links that come from Sandia as well as Isleta’s profile on backlinks. We need to decide which of them could be good in our B&B.

Refer to pages

In the beginning, you need to dig down to learn more information about the links large resorts possess. Click the button to expand the area and look up the page where the link came from.

Indicate whether to the follower or non-follower

To check if your competitors’ links are being followed or not You can check the MozBar Chrome plug-in. Only links that are followed are considered to be credible, so you may want to prioritize these. But, hyperlinks that are not followed can still be valuable by driving traffic to your site and getting taken up by others links eventually linking to it through the follow.

Click on the pencil icon in order to launch the MozBar icon within your browser. Choose “Followed” in order to emphasize links that are followed. It is the MozBar will highlight the hyperlinks in green. Click “No-Followed” then the MozBar will highlight the pages with pink.

Link Intersect will show you the types of websites which you may not be familiar with, especially if you’re making your first move into local link building for your business. Although no two profiles of links will be identical however, there are some typical patterns that local businesses utilize to create hyperlinks. These will enable you to understand the information Link Intersect will give you.

What can you do with these kinds of hyperlinks:

Press releases

Local businesses utilize press release sites like as well as to announce their efforts. Local businesses pay to publish information, regardless of whether they’ve received an award or have started an outreach program for the community. These links aren’t used by other sites (don’t give the authority of as well as “SEO significance”) However, they could bring in important traffic and could get picked-up by websites that are following them.

It is possible to use press releases to disseminate relevant information to your competitors in the event that they’re already doing it.

Structured directories/ Citations

Directory sites such as are the primary kind of domain that you can find in a local business’s backlink profile. These websites with structured citations like provide the address, name and telephone number of the business along with the link to their website. They’re not edited as Press Releases are and are made by the user themselves. This is the reason they are not often followed. However the consistency and accuracy of listings on the major directory websites are an essential element for local search results.

These kinds of websites might indicate that you require an listing management system like Moz Local to ensure that your NAP is accurate and available across the major directories. These table stakes are crucial before you can concentrate on linked citations with structured structure.

News coverage

The coverage of local media is another option for local companies. HARO (Help a Reporter out) is a well-known method to link journalists with subject matter experts who can be valuable sources for their writing. The journalists typically include your quote on your site. Smaller businesses in the local area, in addition to benefiting from the services like HARO are well-served to develop connections with media professionals and the local reporters. They’ll begin contact with your company for suggestions when news is published.

You can view the news coverage on the backlink profile of your competitor to gain an understanding of what publications are seeking information and/or content.

Industry coverage

blogs, hobby websites DIY websites, or other platforms could contain content that reflects the city’s life or passion for a subject. A blog about the city’s culinary scene could be an illustration. This publication could be a useful source for local restaurants.

It’s an indication of the potential for your company to develop a connection with the authors in hope of building backlinks.

Trade Organizations

A lot of local businesses are affiliated with an governing or regulating organization or trade association. Many of these organisations also have websites which usually list the companies who are associated with them.

Your business might be an ideal candidate for joining an existing organization in case your competition is already part of. These links will assist you in deciding which organizations you should join.

Community organizations

Search engines that are local excel for validating community-based organizations as many local companies have observed. These types of sites are more likely to be listed within the profile of the backlinks of your competition like Chamber of Commerce websites and local YMCAs.

The competition you face could are in the same place as you. Be aware of these groups and look into joining them. You will not only gain more involvement in the community, but you will also be able to connect with.

Sponsorships / event participation

Local businesses may provide sponsorship or donations to organize, or even participate in team or community events. This can lead to online and offline publicity.

Online press about these events and groups can be a great source of links for local businesses. If an event/team page highlights you, but doesn’t actually link to benefactors/participants, don’t be shy about politely requesting a link.

Scholarships / .edu sites

Local and non-local companies use the hyperlink building for scholarships as a well-known method. It was discovered that companies could link to their site on educational websites if they were able to offer scholarship opportunities. These scholarships were so well-liked that schools have stopped providing these. Important to be aware the fact that websites TLDs do not have to be more valuable than domains that have any other TLDs.

It’s fantastic if your company provides a scholarship! It is a good idea to pursue it to benefit students and not with solely the purpose of building hyperlinks. Link building to earn scholarships is now extremely popular and has a tendency to have diminishing returns. Don’t let this deter you. Instead, concentrate on the students and not just on links.

Other companies

Sometimes, businesses can partner with each other to develop profitable link. Although co-marketing opportunities may be the result of genuine partnerships, they aren’t allowed to exchange hyperlinks.

Beware of “You refer me to your site and I’ll hyperlink back to you” possibilities. Google might consider this to be as a way to alter your website’s rank in search results. Be aware of creating genuine connections with companies that can lead to link opportunities.


It isn’t a matter of whether your competitor is using the same link but it doesn’t mean that you should not have it. Link Intersect will be attentive to its domain’s Spam Score and the DA. Link Intersect will tell you if the link isn’t useful or dangerous when it has an excessive spam score or an unsatisfactory DA.

Be conscious of links created through comments. You should not avoid links from competitors to your backlink profile created by comments. These links don’t offer the chance in the form of links, which aid in your progress.

After you have a better understanding of the most well-known types of backlinks available in your region and the best ways to utilize them, let’s take a explore Sandia as well as Isleta’s backlinks. There could be some great prospects.

Step 5 Imitation is the most effective way to flatter yourself

There are two hotels in Albuquerque. Albuquerque Marriott as well as the Hilton Garden Inn have links to Sandia and Isleta on their respective “Local Things to Do” pages. Bottger could make a fortune by leveraging this! Many times you will see that these “things-to-do” websites will have listings of restaurants, historic locations and attractions, shops, etc. You’ll find their address on the following pages and they are powerful hyperlinks that are unstructured and not linked. Bottger hosts fancy tea events, which are enjoyable for visitors.

Wedding websites is also accessible on behalf of Sandia as well as Isleta. Bottger could also make use of their home for a wedding venue, offering special wedding or engagement packages, or other similar. This could be a fantastic chance.

Link Intersect has also offered hyperlinks to numerous travel guides web sites. These websites contain numerous hyperlinks to local tourist attractions. The following is an Albuquerque travel guide that is broken into categories.

The Albuquerque Journal also included Sandia along with Isleta. This is an instance of a local journalist who is covering the news of Isleta’s expanding the poker and bingo spaces. She could be a great connection since the journalist that is a local business reporter.

Links to Sandia and Isleta also came from event websites. The resorts are able to host big events like concerts or MMA games. Bottger isn’t big enough to hold this kind of event, however it might be a great source of ideas for the future of link building. Bottger might host a small tea tasting with local teas. Contact an local journalist to help advertise the event. You could also look into rival links to spark your creativity for additional opportunities to build links.

Don’t forget the first time we heard about Sandia and Isleta The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. A official sponsor page was designed to showcase event sponsors and to provide links for their sites. This is an ideal opportunity for any Albuquerque-based company.

  1. Organize your link prospects in Links Tracking lists

You could think “This sounds fantastic but it’s lots of work. ” We’re here to help!

The Link Tracking lists of Moz Pro have been created to serve this purpose.

Link Intersect will display small check boxes beside every link of your competition. Check the box once you’ve found one you are fascinated by. After you have gone through all the links and checked all the boxes next to the domains interest you Click “Add to List of Link Tracking List” at the upper right.

We’ve never attempted bottger link building before, so we’ll choose “Create A New List” from dropdown and then give the list a descriptive name.

When you are in the “target URL” section, ensure that you add the domain of your client. We’ve already picked the URLs we wish to track using Link Intersect. Step 3 is simple. Click “Save” in order to save.

Links Tracking Lists are to be covered during our discussion on outreach. In the meantime, be aware that you are able to add your desired competitors’ links (in this instance, links to Sandia as well as Isleta) straight to the Link Intersect Link Tracking Lists. This allows you to easily manage your information.

Step 7: Link to your link potential customers

It’s time to make connections. What can you do to go from studying the links of your competitors to getting those links?

There are three methods for obtaining unstructured linking to your local company’s website. These categories will help you determine the method you’ll need to employ to achieve this.

  1. Self-created Self-created Link: Self-created or self-generated hyperlinks are like voting on behalf of yourself. Websites that accept submissions from such sites like do not accept the link on your site. Even though visitors are being directed to your site but the link will not transfer authority from back to your website. Google refers to “editorially placed hyperlinks” as the only method to establish authority on websites. Follow and NoFollow links don’t have inherent advantages or disadvantages. They have different functions and could get you into trouble with Google in the event of misuse of Followed hyperlinks. In a section called “Avoiding those who are not good for you” (Risks in not adhering to Google’s guidelines for linking) We’ll go over more.
  2. Contacted through outreach In most instances, users do not know about your content until you inform them. The links you link to are not created by you, but are put up by the site’s owner. The owner only became aware of your content once you made contact.
  3. Links earned organically:Sometimes you can get links without asking for them. People may link to your website if they are interested in a piece of content that is popular and receives a lot of traffic.

This course will concentrate on link citations that are unstructured, namely types 1 and 2.


Outreach efforts won’t be focused on getting the identical link to your competitor when your competitor is mentioned as a part of an article by an local or a blogger reporter. This is because the piece was already written, and it is highly unlikely that the author will alter the article to include your hyperlink.

This rule applies only in the event that the article directly links to your competitor, however the link of your competitor has been damaged. You can write to the writer and inform them that, “Hey! Your article title [article title] link to [link of competitor] however it doesn’t appear to be working. Similar information is available on my site [your URL[your URL]. It’s feasible to substitute the damaged link in the event that you feel it is important.

Sometimes, contact information of the author will be displayed right on the page. Take, for instance:

Contact details as well as an email address within the biography of the author. If they don’t already have one then you can connect the account to Twitter. From there, you could contact them directly or a public message. You might be able to have a conversation with the author, if are in a tight-knit and small community.

Press releases

You are able to create an account when you notice your competition issuing a lot in press release. They are self-service platforms. Good press release websites typically cost per release. Prices vary according to what length the publication.

Directory Citations

Sign up for an organization like Moz Lokal that distributes your information automatically to these listings, or you can manually make the listings manually. You should take note that your company might already be in the directory even if there isn’t an account. To check whether you have current listings that you can add or modify, you can search for your name, and any variants and also your telephone number.

Websites for businesses

Many companies will provide you with a way to get in touch with them. If you want to contact a different business to discuss a partnership in co-marketing look in the footer of their website (at the bottom of their website). When you can’t find contact information, look on “Contact us” and”Contact Us” or the “About” pages. While you may not find the email addresses, it’s possible to find an “Contact us” as well as an “About” website. This is an instance taken from Albuquerque Little Theater. Contact information is available to the right and advertise information on the top of the navigation menu for businesses who would like to put advertisements in their printed publications. It is a well-organized linked citation that could be used to advertise your company’s services to the public.


When they are offering exclusivity or invite-only memberships many organizations will allow you to join. If you would like to join an invitation-only club which does not include contact information that is public You can check out the members list to see whether anyone is in. Maybe you have a friend who can introduce you to a members. This type of group requires real connections.

  1. Write an excellent outreach email (for non-structured linked citations needing contact).

If the link opportunity you’re pursuing isn’t one that you can create or connect face-to face with decision makers email outreach may be required. In these situations an important things to think about is “Why should this site want to connect to me? ”


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