Do Businesses Really Use Google My Business Posts? A Case Study


Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most impressive ways of further developing a business’ neighborhood website streamlining and online perceivability. In case you’re a neighborhood business, asserting your Google My Business profile is one of the initial steps you should take to build your organization’s web-based presence.

However long your neighborhood business meets Google’s rules, your Google My Business profile can assist with giving your organization FREE openness on Google’s web crawler. Not exclusively can potential clients rapidly see your business’ name, address and telephone number, however they can likewise see photographs of your business, read online audits, discover a portrayal about your organization, complete an exchange (like book an arrangement) and see other data that catches a searcher’s eye — all without them in any event, visiting your site. That is really amazing stuff!

Google My Business assists with neighborhood rankings

Not exclusively is your GMB Profile effectively noticeable to potential clients when they search on Google, however Google My Business is additionally a key Google neighborhood positioning element. Truth be told, as per nearby positioning component industry research, Google My Business “signals” is the main positioning variable for neighborhood pack rankings. Google My Business signals had a huge expansion in positioning significance somewhere in the range of 2017 and 2018 — ascending from 19% to 25%.

Guaranteeing your Google My Business profile is your initial step to neighborhood improvement — yet many individuals erroneously imagine that simply asserting your Google My Business profile is sufficient. Notwithstanding, advancing your Google My Business profile and every now and again signing into your Google My Business dashboard to ensure that no undesirable updates have been made to your profile is fundamental to working on your rankings and guaranteeing the respectability of your business profile’s precision.

Google My Business includes that make your profile ROCK!

Google offers an assortment of ways of improving and upgrade your Google My Business profile. You can add photographs, recordings, business hours, a portrayal of your organization, habitually posed inquiries and replies, speak with clients through messages, permit clients to book arrangements, react to online audits and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

One of the most impressive ways of catching a searcher’s eye is by making Google My Business Posts. GMB Posts are practically similar to smaller than expected promotions for your organization, items, or administrations.

Google offers an assortment of presents you can make on advance your business:

What’s happening




Presents likewise permit you on incorporate a source of inspiration (CTA) so you can more readily control what the guest does after they see your post — making a definitive promoting experience. Current CTAs are:


Request Online


Find out More


Get Offer

Call Now

Posts utilize a mix of pictures, message and a CTA to inventively show your message to possible clients. A Post shows in your GMB profile when somebody looks for your business’ name on Google or perspectives your business’ Google My Business profile on Google Maps.

When you make a Post, you can even share it on your web-based media channels to get additional openness.

In spite of the name, Google My Business Posts are not real web-based media posts. Ordinarily the initial 100 characters of the post are what appears on screen (the rest is cut off and should be tapped on to be seen), so ensure the main words are toward the start of your post. Try not to utilize hashtags — they’re unimportant. It’s ideal in the event that you can make new posts at regular intervals or somewhere in the vicinity.

Google My Business Posts are an incredible way of flaunting your business in a remarkable manner at precisely when a searcher is checking out your business on the web.

In any case, there’s a long-standing inquiry: Are organizations really making GMB Posts to make themselves clear to likely clients? How about we discover…

The unavoidable issue: Are organizations effectively utilizing Google My Business Posts?

There has been a great deal of conversation in the SEO business about Google My Business Posts and their worth: Do they assist with SEO rankings? How compelling would they say they are? Do posts accumulate commitment? Does where the Posts show up on your GMB profile matter? How regularly would it be a good idea for you to post? Would it be a good idea for you to try and make Google My Business Posts by any means? Heaps of inquiries, correct?

As industry specialists check out these points, what do average, ordinary entrepreneurs really do with regards to GMB Posts? Are genuine organizations making posts? I set off to discover the response to this inquiry utilizing genuine information. Here are the subtleties.

Google My Business Post contextual analysis: Just current realities

At the point when I set off to find in case organizations were effectively utilizing GMB Posts for their organizations’ Google My Business profiles, I previously needed to ensure I took a gander at information in aggressive enterprises and markets. So I checked out a sum of 2,000 Google My Business profiles that involved the main 20 outcomes in the Local Finder. I looked for exceptionally cutthroat catchphrase phrases in the main ten urban communities (in view of populace thickness, as per Wikipedia.)

For this contextual analysis, I likewise decided to see administration type organizations.

Here are the outcomes.

Urban communities:

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Jose, San Francisco, Washington DC, Houston, and Boston.


realtor, contract, travel service, protection or protection specialists, dental specialist, plastic specialist, individual injury legal counselor, handyman, veterinarian or vet, and locksmith

Shock! Out of the ventures explored, Personal Injury Lawyers and Locksmiths posted the regularly.

For the contextual investigation, I took a gander at the accompanying:

The number of organizations had a functioning Google My Business Post (for example have posted over the most recent seven days)

The number of had recently made somewhere around one post

The number of have never made a post

Do organizations make Google My Business Posts?

In view of the organizations, urban areas, and watchwords explored, I found that the greater part of the organizations are effectively making Posts or have made Google My Business Posts before.

17.5% of organizations had a functioning post over the most recent 7 days

42.1% of organizations had recently made no less than one post

40.4% have never made a post

Feature: A sum of 59.60% of organizations have posted a Google My Business Post on their Google My Business profile.

NOTE: If you need to take a gander at the crude numbers, you can look at the exploration record that diagrams every one of the crude information. (NOTE: Credit for the examination bookkeeping page layout I utilized and motivation to do this contextual analysis goes to SEO master Phil Rozek.)

Do searchers draw in with Google My Business Posts?

On the off chance that a business requires some investment to make Google My Business Posts, do searchers and potential clients really set aside the effort to check out your posts? Furthermore, above all, do they make a move and draw in with your posts?

This graph addresses nine irregular customers, their absolute post perspectives over a 28-day time span, and the relating all out direct/marked impacts on their Google My Business profiles. At the point when we check out the all out number of direct/marked perspectives close by the quantity of perspectives posts got, the quantity of perspectives for presents shows up on be higher. This implies that a solitary client is without a doubt seeing numerous posts.

This implies that on the off chance that you require some investment to make a GMB Post and your advertising message is significant, you have a high shot at changing over an expected searcher into a client — or possibly somebody who will set aside the effort to take a gander at your showcasing message. (How marvelous is that?)

Do searchers tap on Google My Business Posts?

So your GMB Posts appear in your Knowledge Panel when somebody looks for your business on Google and Google Maps, however do searchers really tap on your post to peruse more?

At the point when we assessed the different business present perspectives on their complete direct/marked inquiry sees, on normal the post is tapped on practically 100% of the time!

Google My Business bits of knowledge

At the point when you sign in to your Google My Business dashboard you can see firsthand how well your Posts are getting along. The following is a next to each other picture of a business’ post perspectives and their immediate pursuit impressions. By checking your GMB experiences, you can discover how well your Google My Business posts are performing for your business!

GMB Posts are great

Subsequent to checking out 2,000 GMB profiles, I found a ton of things. One thing is without a doubt. It’s difficult to tell on seven days by-week premise the number of organizations are utilizing GMB Posts in light of the fact that posts “go dim” each seven work days (except if the Post is an occasion post with a beginning and end date.)

Likewise, Google as of late moved Posts from the highest point of the Google My Business profile towards the base, so they don’t stand apart however much they did only a couple months prior. This might imply that there’s less motivating force for organizations to make posts.

Nonetheless, what this contextual investigation shows us is that organizations that are in a cutthroat area and industry should utilize Google My Business advancing systems and elements like presents assuming they need on get an edge on their opposition.


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