How do you get your website developer to join SEO


  1. Develop a connection with developers to assist them in understanding their role.

Establish a trustworthy relationship with developers. It is important to know your role in the process and how they gauge their success. Learn about the languages they are using for programming. It is possible to build stronger relationships with them by understanding their viewpoints and opinions. The trust factor is an essential element of this.

I’ve achieved some success in building trust by stating that I’m not sure what to do about certain SEO changes. Even if that I am aware, I’d rather to ask “How do you see the implementation of this? ” What’s the most efficient method to implement this change or optimization? They’ll often have a better approach to implement these changes since they are the experts on the backend of your site.

Be humble and acknowledge that you do not have all the answers. It’s not your job to show people what to do to make pages, or even fix it. It’s more of a communications tool rather than a transaction that includes data that both sides.

  1. Learn from the developers and become an improved SEO

I can assure that you will be happy. It’s my most favorite part of my job at Moz. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge by working with the Moz developers. A few of them have also learned from me as well as other SEOs working at Moz. It’s an exchange of knowledge that people are keen to build pages and websites that are highly ranked in search results.

It’s your duty to convey the benefits that can be derived from a well-designed website. Let them know the power of your code and the way better it will look once it’s set up properly. Think about JavaScript as well as Google crawling different areas.

This is what makes it a reliable collaboration. Learn from your developers.

  1. You can be a champion for developers you collaborate with.

It’s crucial to comprehend what they’re trying accomplish. It’s possible to help them however you want to.

  1. To keep on top of development changes and to catch them before they become a problem Create a process or workflow.

It is a frequent issue. This is an issue that is common. This can be a challenge when you have a large website. It can be difficult for you to monitor the changes that might affect SEO.

If you’ve got the chance to speak with a developer or even a group of developers with whom you collaborate What can you do to handle it? You can join me on GitHub so that I am able to view all the changes. It doesn’t matter what the problem may be, but it will help you create the conditions where SEO can be prevented. This ensures that there’s no big issue in the near future, and can make it easier over the long run.

  1. Please share your SEO success with your programmers and make sure you thank them.

It is important to be sharing your SEO achievements with the developers, particularly when they’ve helped you or offered better solutions. They should be acknowledged, and it’s a an excellent opportunity to share the successes and build a partnership.

  1. Get feedback

Request feedback. If you’re struggling to communicate with developers or one developer, be honest and open and honest. Inquire, “How can we better cooperate? ” What can I do to help you? It could be beneficial to open the to feedback.

Bonus New SEO cheat sheet for web Developers

The final thing I would like to offer you to help grow you SEO efforts and assisting you to achieve more by the development team is the Web Developer’s Cheat Sheet to SEO.

This is a fantastic method to engage with developers on the importance of certain aspects to SEOs and what their opinions are about them when they look at the things. These people are completely different of the things listed in this document.


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