YouTube SEO The Top 5 Motives to Invest in


Five elements are essential for a successful ranking of videos

Let’s first discuss the fundamental elements that contribute to YouTube’s success in ranking. What are the criteria in terms of success for video ranking and what are the outcomes of an YouTube search using a specific keyword? What are the success factors that determine success for YouTube and are similar to the ones we cover when discussing Google rankings factors that are successful. They aren’t necessarily the most efficient ways to garner the highest number of views. Some actually operate in the opposite direction.

  1. Watch time and video views

Watchtime and video views are the primary. These are closely connected and, according to Justin’s opinion, more causal in higher ranking. If you have a video you’re competing against, and you have more views and more time per view (that’s the amount of people who view the whole video) it is likely that you will perform better than your rivals.

  1. Keywords that coincide with the query of the user are included as part of the Title

Two We continue to consider the keyword match to be more important in YouTube as opposed to the traditional Google searches. It’s important in Google search however it is more crucial for YouTube. It is more crucial. Justin’s data found that keywords with exact match that exactly match the keyword within the headline, were more likely to perform better than some by a tiny amount however, partial outperformed all or even a small percentage.

If you’d like to rank your film for pandas’ eating habits and the video is titled “What Pandas Eat” which is more powerful over “Panda consumption habits” (or “Panda Choices in Food”). Options”) You will be able to determine the ways YouTube will be utilized by users by simply writing a description of your video and naming it the same way that they look for it.

The information obtained from Google keyword search may be used in conjunction with Google keyword search, especially in the case of videos that are on high in Google results for keyword searches. This implies that there’s likely to be lots of users looking for the video on YouTube.

  1. With keyword-rich descriptions, shorter titles (50 characters)

Then, the data favors titles that are shorter (less than 50 words) with descriptive keywords between 200 to 350 words.

If you’re seeking best practices for how big to make the YouTube titles and descriptions, here are the best. It’s okay to let a tiny bit of your content get sucked in. It doesn’t fall significantly. It is ideal to remain in the same place.

  1. Keyword tags

Fourth Keyword tags. YouTube allows you to include keyword tags on your YouTube video.

It was an option which existed as part of Google SEO decades ago, together with Meta keywords tags. YouTube still uses the feature. The keyword tags are crucial to rank, but even particularly when it comes to recommended videos. The recommended videos are displayed in the right corner of the player, even if you’re watching it on a computer or beneath it on mobile devices.

The recommended videos are the ones you will see when watching a video and what you see the next. These two aspects will help you gain more views that will boost the visibility of your video. Keyword tags are used to create two to three word phrases. Justin discovered that videos with between 31 and 40 unique tags performed most effectively. This is a significant amount.

It means that they are going through, using the “What is it that Pandas Eat” tag, and labeling the items with pandas, Zoo animals, and mammals. They could also be tagging it with marsupials I’m assuming that pandas are marsupials, however these are only some examples. The tags are 31-40 which are the most efficient.

If you’re worried that too many keywords can be harmful It could be so. But, you must restrict the amount of keywords you use until you reach a high threshold.

  1. Some video lengths rank well and perform.

Fiveth: The videos that do the bestthis is consistent with the way Whiteboard Fridays performs well. Videos of between 10 and 16 mins are the most popular on the charts. YouTube’s users are not attracted by videos less of two mins. They’re not well-liked. The highest number of views can be obtained in four to six minutes. The length of your video is contingent upon the goal of optimizing your video. Whiteboard Friday’s goal is to share information and make it engaging, useful and beneficial. It is recommended to keep the duration of the video between 10 to 16. If we were to create an advertisement video for a product that we were launching, we would try to limit it to between 10 to 16 minutes. This will enable us to achieve the maximum number of views, amplifying and increase awareness.

Three essential things to keep in mind

There are 3 additional areas of my research that could be extremely useful.

Older videos do better on average, but new videos get a boost

One reason is that older videos are more likely to be ranked higher in comparison to newer videos. Justin made a graph with the data that reads like this: 0 to 2 weeks after a video is released, two to six weeks later, 6 to 12 weeks after then after one year. There are a few others.

It is evident how the slope is in line with the notion that there’s an additional boost during the first two to six weeks, and the most powerful in the initial zero-to-two days. When you publish regularly and are feeling like “Oh that didn’t work” It’s possible that you be feeling this way. I’ll try again. The video failed. The video was fantastic. It was precisely what my audience was looking for. It seems to be doing very well.

Video channels can help increase the quality of their videos

Justin was extremely interested in optimizing channels. Though I haven’t explored the subject as frequently, Justin did a lot of research into channel optimization. If subscribers are able to are more active in commenting, liking and watching more videos than viewers who do not have subscribers Channels can increase the number of views they get on their content. Justin said that a subscriber base of 1,000 or more are a good base to begin reaping the benefits of having a large subscriber base. They can influence positively ratings and views. It’s not easy to tell whether this is a causal effect or just a coincidence.

While embeds and links are usually linked but it’s not known whether they’re causal.

The correlation isn’t the cause of embeds or links and embeds. This study examined rankings. The higher rankings were observed up as well as lower ones down and embeds were more frequent.

Videos that had greater embedded videos (which are embedded in many websites) did better. It’s not certain if embedding videos a frequently can increase their ranking. It’s possible that if a video is well-known and is often cited and is embedded by more people as opposed to smaller numbers of people embedding it. This results in higher positions.


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